Transformative courses await you
Discover, experience, strengthen

Unveil a world of self-discovery with our selection of courses. From the self-expressive dance of "Dancing Waves" to the empowering "Women and Queers Retreat", the transformative "Men's Time" to the individual "Heroine One-on-One" - each course is a unique path to growth. Delve into the details of the offers and find the best path for your individual journey.

Dancing Waves

Immerse yourself in your personal dance of the "Dancing Waves". Movement, self-involvement and self-expression.

Women and Queers Retreat

Experience empowerment and authentic community in our safe-space for individual expression and growth.

Heroes Individual

Grow into your potential possibilities in this 'personal process accompaniment' of the Heroine Individual Retreat. Use this time for your development.

Supervision in social institutions

Professional support for team building, work reflection and mental hygiene.

Seasonal and online offers

Interested in room nights or online self-development? We have the right offer for you!

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